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Enslaved to death

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Darkness should not exist at all, and it should not be a means to render mankind in fear, yet it is and has been one of the greatest terrors in this world’s history. For do not dark things live within darkness? Do they not utilize darkness to hide within? To cause fear? To terrify those who fall prey to its ability to prevent sight?

Is it not terrifying to live caged with an animal who can rent one apart anytime it desires?

If any truth can be said of mankind, it is that it has explored the deepest darkness, labyrinths where none have trodden before, dungeons of despair where it has kept itself chained to a multitude of destructive vices.

We weep and pray for those living in such manner, never understanding that the greatest enemy they must overcome is none other than themselves, but then, most of them are helpless to understand even this. For such destructive vices leave no alternatives, no will power, no escape, and the beast which has then in their grip is in no hurry to end such tragedy.

It feeds on their helplessness, on their despair, it enjoys the power it holds over those in its grip. There is no love, no mercy. It has no feelings. Its only purpose is to destroy that which has been given… what it can no longer have… life.

Such is the life of those who have permitted themselves to be trapped by drugs, alcohol, and many other destructive forces which sink their tentacles ever deeper into those that touch such forbidden fruits.

It has always been one of the favorite weapons of mankind’s enemy to present his destructive fruits in a most enticing manner, to introduce his destructive fruits slowly; seditiously, mankind has fallen into ever deepening darkness.

For darkness has many levels.

Only light can vanquish darkness and only those who have light can share light. It is one of the main reasons Jesus Christ suffered the martyrium of the cross, to bring light into the lives of those who live in darkness.

What we must understand is, that once The Light has chased away our darkness and we live in that light… we are called to share such light.

Sharing such light is the commandment, it is the only manner of loving out brothers as we love ourselves. Nothing else will do.

We are called to seek, strive and rescue those who live in darkness.

We… not the T.V. not the other fellow, not the money we possess, not the feelings our hearts enjoy, it is not a figment of our imagination.

It must be a real life seeking, striving, rescuing of those who are lost in darkness. To seek them out, to speak to them, to share the love Jesus Christ has shared with us.

The gospel was supposed to be spread by… us.

Not the T.V. not the other fellow, not the radio, not the news, not the money or possessions, but every life event, every time we are given the blessing of sharing God’s love.

As The Word says, time to put away the beginnings of salvation, time to move forwards and appropriate the “keys” of the kingdom. For these “keys” are ours for the taking. Forgiveness has been granted; entrance is assured.

Time to proceed as children of light, as children of an all-might God who has promised great blessings for those who attain the privilege of entering through the heavenly gates.

A once in all eternity event is about to happen, it should be a great event, it will be a great event. The harvest should be a great harvest, but there is still time to plant, to grow, to bare fruit, so that the harvest is a great harvest.

The One who paid for our blessings deserves a great harvest, and those who have eternal life need not fear death.


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