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The representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.

The magnitude of the thought of an Ever-lasting, All-powerful, Ever-present, God, can certainly boggle the human mind, and it is impossible to understand by such meager perception as the one we possess. In all truth, it has never been something we are supposed to understand, we need only accept this truth.

If this were to trouble the human mind, there are much deeper truths which are even harder to assimilate.

It is a humungous and unimaginable blessing that God is Good. Just that statement alone is more than most people can cope with, because if only God is Good, how are we supposed to be good? How is it that we are good? For if only God is Good, then how are we good?

The only reason this can be true is if God is sharing Himself with us. How else can we be good? His goodness is part of our lives, part of our actions, part of our thoughts, part of our character. God’s goodness is in us. It is the only reason we are able to be… good.

The perfect example of this truth is the devil. He was good, for God was part of his life, but when he decided that he didn’t want anything with God, he lost that part of him which made him good. Now, he has nothing good within him.

What really should boggle the human mind, (if we are able to go that deep) is the fact that God can be part of our lives… without… changing us in any manner. For even when this is true, we must choose to be… good. (or not).

The God which created everything is that Good.

He can be everywhere and in everything without altering anything or anyone. Without causing a ripple in the water. Of course, God wants us to know Him and to be with Him, therefore, He does try to guide us towards Him… but He will not interfere in our decisions.

When God created His heavenly children, He gave them this kind of knowledge. The understanding of what was beneficial to their existence. They saw His glory, His beauty, His wonders, and His everlasting love. It wasn’t enough for some of them.

Nonetheless, it is what God is able to do, for He cannot infringe, violate, our freedom of choice.

The same problem those heavenly children encountered are the ones mankind has trouble with, for even when we can see God’s glory, (clearly written in this creation) even when we can see God’s love, (in each other) even when we can see God’s wonders, (in the heavens beyond our sky) we have freedom of choice, and this freedom is used by mankind with very poor judgement.

When God shows us what is good, when He entreats us to do what is good, when he stands in the way of that which is bad hoping we choose good, we still choose what is bad for us.

If it was possible for us to see God, then we would be in the same dilemma the angels are in, because we would have no further opportunity for redemption. Our guilt would be immediate and final. But because we are not able to see God, this permits God to forgive and even to provide us with many, many undeserved favors. (Mercy). For we are simple-minded and ignorant.

God has provided great mercies in mankind’s favor, starting with The Word, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, to mention the big mercies. Many are those mercies which we take for granted or are unaware of, still, if not for the multitude of God’s Good Grace, mankind would have perished a long time ago. But for the sake of those who will at some point in their lives become enamored of Him, He has permitted this “sad story” to continue.

There is much to say and little of this will ever be understood, but we try to bring the love God has shared with us, to others, for that is His desire. The many weaknesses in mankind make God’s task of salvation almost impossible, but for Him, all things are possible, even the salvation of a human being.

The main problem has always been the same… we… us… I, myself.

I am the main problem, for I am prone, eager even, to do the things that make it impossible for God to have a relationship with me, and only a relationship with Him will accomplish this impossible, but essential change.

God does not want to be like me, He want me, to be like Him. (I agree).

Because of the dire circumstances in which mankind has encased himself, there is no other choice for us (if we want to spend eternity in haven and not in hell) but to be embodied. It is what the great Apostol said when he said: “I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me;” (Galatians 2:20)

No, he wasn’t kidding, and no it’s not a metaphor, He was stating a truth. There are many Bible verses which state the same thing, for example, Luke 14:33. We are to give up everything for Him, this includes our… I.

For if there is an… I, then there is already a master, we are masters of ourselves, but if we are masters of ourselves then there can be no other master. (Luke 16:13 & Mathews 6:24)

The greatness of God is beyond anything we may understand, and just as He is able to share His great love with us, without interfering in our character, so can God share many of His other beautiful qualities which are part of Him, with us. There is one in particular which is essential to our salvation… His nature.

It may be hard for us to understand that the invisible world for us, is nonetheless, very visible and even very palpable. Just because we are denied access to it, this does not mean it does not exist or that it is invisible.

The desire of The All-mighty God is for us to be part of His wonderous kingdom, it was and is His desire, but mankind’s rebellion in Eden, birthed the need of re-establishing order. It is the main reason for our need to become once again as God created us… holy.

The nature we possessed in Eden was holy, and the only manner for us to become holy once more, is for God to impart his holy nature in us once again. It is what He gave us in Eden and what He will do again.

It is the reason of the demand of Jesus Christ for us to be born again. (John 3:5-6) He states that the flesh is flesh and it cannot be otherwise, meaning it cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. The flesh of mankind cannot be altered, it became cursed and is under curse, it will eventually cease to exist.

We must transition, from the curse of the flesh, to the promise of The Spirit. From the curse of sin which brings death, to the promise of Jesus Christ which gives birth to eternal life. From the death of “the old man” which corruption will eventually destroy anyway, to the birth of the “new creation” in righteousness and true holiness, which will live eternally. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

The embodiment of the nature our salvation requires is not so hard to achieve, especially when God is very interested in our success. He has been telling us this from very early in His Word.

“Seek ye Me, and ye shall live”. (Amos 5:4)

It requires nothing else. Regardless of the multitude of “human ideas” which abound in this present-day world, ask, seek and knock is all that is required, that is, if we are sincere. (Mathew 7:7-11 & John 14:13-14)

For just as graciously as God shares His immutable love, so will He share His holy nature with those who love Him. It is not only God’s desire; it is His earnest desire.


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