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Divine Love

Throughout the years mankind has roamed the earth, there have been many, many, injustices, a multitude of suffering brought about by a multitude of reasons. Most of them have been perpetrated by people themselves.

Some have been “natural” disasters, others have been calamities brought about by our foolishness, but the greatest of those injustices have been a person on another person or a multitude of people on others.

If we were to contemplate all of the calamity’s mankind has been through, we would most likely cringe away in terror.

Such things as destructive tsunamis, avalanches which have buried whole cities, volcanoes, mud slides, and these are just a few of the “natural” disasters. Worst than these are the things mankind has done to themselves. In the beginning, it was just one brother to another, but then there were whole villages, cities, nations, which warred against one another. Killing became a “natural” disaster and such were the “excuses” that this calamity became “natural”.

Entire entities, civilizations, cultures, were destroyed, killed, obliviated, by none other than… other people.

Over the years, we have always wondered why an All-might God has permitted such calamities, such horrors, to be committed throughout the history of mankind? Why, if an All-mighty God has the power to end such calamities has He permitted these to happen?

The answer is in a book called The Bible and in a chapter from one of the books therein, the book of John, chapter 3, verse 16.

For God so loved YOU that He permitted His only Son to suffer the tragedy of; enduring the shamefulness of this body, the despising of His creation, and the rabid abuse at the hands of malignant creatures because God loves… YOU!

It has ALL been because of… YOU!


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