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Destined for Greatness

Isn’t it strange that the things which this world so superstitiously worships are granted to those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior? The enemy of mankind makes promises he cannot keep and even when there have been some people who have achieve what he promised, where are they now?

People like (for example) Michael Jackson who achieved fame and fortune, where is he now, where are these things now? Forgotten. And he is one of the few to whom he kept such promises, for there are others who were destroyed long before those promises were kept. Like for example, Whitney Houston and John Belushi, who were destroyed in the prime of their lives.

The enemy has no love…period. He hates all of mankind, including those who worship him. He wants them dead, its just that he is not granted permission to destroy people every time he asks for such. Even when people have no love for God, He still loves them.

The big difference between the greatness God grants and the one the enemy promises is that God’s promises are not only kept but they are eternal. But let’s look into these promises…

Immortality; its one of the things the people in this world dream of and the scientific community strives to achieve… but never will. It is granted to every believer in Jesus Christ.

Freedom from sickness; this is a big one, and one that some may lay claim to, but the world’s health desire is short lived, for they cannot avoid… death. It is granted to every believer in Jesus Christ.

Peace; how the world craves peace and yet they will never achieve peace. The false prophet (coming soon) will utilize this worldly desire in his agenda, but this false peace will be shattered promptly. Peace is granted to every believer in Jesus Christ.

Joy; something the people of this world constantly strive for, short momentary thrills which evaporate as soon as they return to their lifeless life. The main reason why our youth (and many others) are lost in drug addiction, (Alcohol, Marijuana, etc.) no joy in their lives. It is granted to every believer in Jesus Christ.

Purpose; some strive for wealth, others strive for fame, most don’t have anything to strive for and just live a life of whatever comes and if it comes easy, they’ll take it again. Some find a worthwhile purpose in a family, but even here, the children soon abandon their parents and these are forgotten in a nursing home.

The only worthwhile purpose is the one a believer in Jesus Christ has.

A believer in Jesus Christ strives to be worthy of…

Immortality, a godlike body, peace, joy, to fellowship with Angels, to sit at the table with a True God, to live eternally in an eternal kingdom, to be there when The Only True God rewards those who believed in Him, to witness as The Only True God brings forth great and wonderous creations never imagined by any mind.

Ah yes… we are destined for greatness.


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