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Most of the things we tell ourselves are based on the fact that we need to accept ourselves for who we are, otherwise our mind becomes chaotic, and we demure, might even descend into something we named depression. It is a natural part of our self-preservation mechanism.

The human mind is a wonderful creation, it has kept our scientific community “bemused” for many centuries. It is also without doubts the master creation of Someone who can do what we deem as impossible. It will not matter how much we study something which is beyond our understanding, especially when we are looking in the wrong direction.

The human mind is the center of our self, it is what make us… aware. It is what makes us a Being, what makes us Creator-like.

The men and woman who are able to keep their thoughts, their minds, under authority; are capable of keeping their struggles from overwhelming the difficulties life may bring their way.

It is the great difference between those who suffer from the maladies of the mind and those who do not suffer from such maladies as by-polar, Schizophrenia, “voices” and many other disorders which are just a loss of authority of their thought process.

(A quick injection into this brief discussion and very beneficial to those who put into practice what is revealed, is the powerful truth in the first Psalms, where those who meditate in the Word will prosper. This promise includes the mind. Memorizing such powerful words and reciting them when oppressed by thoughts of the mind will eventually clear the oppression. Psalms 23, 91 It is not my promise, not my word but God’s.)

Coming back to our discussion, we must understand that even when our minds might have us convinced of something we believe is the truth, that does not mean this is the truth. An example is our belief that we are the greatest gift to mankind. That we are righteous, that we are the most beautiful, that we know everything. That there is a reason for our blessings. These are things we tell ourselves in order to preserve our wellbeing, our “peace of mind”.

The truth is something we usually avoid, something that can hurt our… “peace of mind”, something that is dangerous. Many have been killed for speaking the truth, because we are terrified of… the truth.

The movie, the matrix was made as a fantasy but this story is much closer to the reality of our existence than most can understand. Does a plant have life, do animals have life? The answer is… yes, they do have life, but are they alive?

Is there a difference between having life and being alive? There must be a difference, because plants have life, but they are not alive.

Here is where the difference between life and being alive is drawn. Beings alive is much more than having life. It is being aware of life.

It is this awareness which brings all of the burdens that sometimes can overwhelm the mind, because being aware of life, regardless of our denial, regardless of the lies we tell ourselves in order to preserve our “peace of mind”, this awareness makes demands, it will not be denied, cannot be ignore, cancelled, or change to our perception.

This awareness of life should be enough proof to bring the understanding that there is a God.

The sad truth is that those who do not “know” Jesus Christ have life but are not alive and they are not alive because they are not aware of Jesus Christ… for Jesus… is… alive.

Jesus Christ is the God of life, an unending life, a limitless life, an eternal life, and He is willing to share life with all those who accept Him as Lord over their lives…


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