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Children are the greatest joy of all parents and life would not be what it is, without children. Many are those who have found a worthwhile meaning to their life, in their offspring’s. Children are an anchor to an otherwise reckless life, for when we are gifted with them, we are able to reason clearly over a life which would have little sense, and no purpose.

Every person in life is happy when they achieve success in their goals, and when our children can achieve their goals we rejoice just as much, maybe even more, for then, they themselves become our greatest achievement. It is so with those teachers which strive sincerely to impart an understanding, seeking to build in their student’s life a desire to achieve greatness, to reach goals beyond those they have accomplished.

Children are the future of mankind and in them do we envision a world full of wonder and goodness, a bright future, as we like to say. It is the reason there is no sacrifice too great for a parent who loves his children.

It happened sometime in the eternal past, when the greatest of all fathers decide He would share Himself with His children and found that as He contemplated this desire, there was no sacrifice He would not make for the sake of those who would become His children.

The eternal God became visible, for the sake of His children. The eternal God became a… we, for the sake of His children. The eternal God left His throne, His glory, for the sake of His children. The eternal God surrendered Himself into the hands of evil creatures, for the sake of His children. The eternal God suffered the martyrium of the cross, for the sake of His children. The eternal God strives insistently and constantly to bring an understanding to His children, for their goodness’s sake.

Sadly… and as all parents know, some of the children are rebellious and do not want to follow a good father’s example, deciding that they know what is best for their life, and no matter how deeply a parent grieves, a child has the freedom to choose his own destiny.

Nonetheless, and as is all good parent’s desire, someday the children will inherit all of that which the parents have prepared for their children, and if this creation has such splendor, a creation which the parents knew would someday be consumed, how much greater will be, the splendor of the creation the parents know will be eternal?

All parents desire their children to be great and the greatest parents desire the same, maybe even more so, for the desire of these parents always comes true. Would not these parents desire the same? Greatness for their beloved children? Such greatness as no imagination alive has ever envisioned. See book on Amazon…

The Immutable Grace of God DHD


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