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Beyond Logic

It is something in which we have grown, something that in our modern days is considered as unforgiveable. Our understanding of many, many things has grown to such a degree that we can discern with ease that which seems… un-logical. Even when we hear someone speak, he had best speak of something which has logic in it, otherwise, we don’t want to hear this.

Our knowledge has grown, and not just in a few, but through our modernized education system, the whole world has grown in knowledge. We now view most things through the knowledge stored in our minds and if this were not enough, we possess the “all mighty Google”. A fountain of information so vast that it is impossible to store in a library, unless… it was one humongous library.

No longer do we believe everything we are told, well… most people. There are still some that are so lazy and they will believe anything they don’t have to strive for, but for most of the people on the planet… we want some logic in our conversations. That’s why we laugh so hard when someone says… “Sometimes I feel like throwing up…”

It is one of the reasons why most people don’t believe in the existence of a… God. There is no logic to this statement… “What! Why is there a God somewhere…? Somewhere…? Where?

It is mindboggling to think that there is a God somewhere and that He is watching us, and not only watching us, he intends to judge us.

“What? Not only there is a God but He intends to judge us? Why? What did we do? And… What happens when we are judged?”

It is much, much easier to believe in something like… evolution? “Oh yes, much easier.” Evolution does not demand judgement, nor does it care if we do wrong or right, and it certainly cannot throw us into… hell?

But let’s stop one second, we were talking about logic and the fact that there is no logic in believing that there is a…God? Or is there?

To deny the existence of a God, we would need another reason for mankind’s existence and the only other explanation is… evolution?

Now if the idea of a God lacks logic, the idea of evolution is much “harder to swallow.” This “theory” is based on the belief that somehow in the very, very distant past, the “conditions” for life happened… “Happened?” Yes… happened.

This planet… somehow… produced… life… “Now, hold on a second…” You say…

“Happened, what do you mean happened, like the Frankenstein monster?”

Well... if that doesn’t seem logical, you’ll be flabbergasted to hear that all of that happened because way before this… there was a Big Bam…

The Big Bam, as they say, was a large…large matter of something that exploded and created what we call the universe. The whole of galaxies and stars, planets etc. Well… that what we heard. Then came what we call earth. This unique planet out of all the vastness of the cosmos, somehow produced… life.

Fine… you don’t believe that either, but there can be only two explanations for mankind, and if the Big Bam and evolution have no logic to it, then there is logic in the belief of a… God.

How much more logical is the belief that an all-mighty God created mankind. That He loves His creation and that He has good intentions towards us… Isn’t that more logical?


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