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An Impossible Task

Most Christians around the world ask the same question over and over and struggle constantly to understand why they have been blessed with the knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ. The sudden awakening, the quickening of their spirit, the unquietness for those who don’t have such blessing, the reason for their choosing. The understanding that there was no reason for The Lord to bless them in such manner. Will I ever be worthy of such a blessing?

Our human nature and what we have been taught from an early age is to struggle, to fight, to become strong enough to be able to cope with what “life” may bring into our lives. It is almost impossible for us to understand life in another manner. People around the world have to struggle, most don’t have a blessed life, and every day they fight for everything they need. Can life be different?

The laws established from the beginning of mankind, and the laws established by our society demand a struggle for everything we desire. Most of mankind struggle throughout life so they can achieve a lifestyle they can agree with, or at least a lifestyle they can live with. And even when most never achieve such desire, we continue to struggle in hope that one day we can. It is the way, it is the only way, or is it?

How difficult it is for mankind to do something we have never been taught. Something which is against our beliefs, our very nature. Can we desire, can we yearn, can we miss, something we have never known? Is it possible for mankind to think and act outside the box it has built for itself? Can we fight against that which is the sole purpose of our existence? Should we push against the boundaries of such existence? Can we defy the only reality we have known since our creation?

Indeed, an impossible task?

Nonetheless, it is clearly stipulated in the blessing we received when we were chosen, for are we worthy of such blessing? Never. Can we struggle, fight, or accomplish something which can make us worthy of such a blessing? We can’t. Was there a reason for choosing us? There wasn’t. Did we do something to deserve such a blessing? No, we did not. Did we do anything to gain such a blessing? You scream! Yes! We surrendered to God’s will. We accepted His invitation.

Therefore, to break away from the established understanding is the task we have been given. To bend or break the reality of our existence, to think and act outside the box most of humanity lives in, to know that which most of mankind does not know, to push against the boundaries of our existence, to defy the reality we have known since the creation of mankind. To believe and act upon that knowledge which we have been granted.

Why are we still chained to this world’s understanding? Why are we still sick? Why are we so weak? Because, we have never utilized that which we have been blessed with. Would the earth had stopped its rotation unless it was commanded to do so?

If my life is in the hands of The Lord my God, can any sickness alter this fact? I will leave this world when He decides, nothing else can alter that fact.

Can I change the natural habits which keep me following an established manner of living procreated by those who rule within the box? Can I defy the feelings of the body to which I have been confined? Can I oppose the thought patterns which have ruled my life since early childhood?

There was already One who did all of the above and expects us to do the same. So, it is possible to do what most of the people around the world think as impossible, and it is almost certain that when Christians begin to bend, break with the reality established by the rulers of the box, we will then be seen as things like… terrorists, extremist and fanatics… but… this is what is expected from all of those who have been blessed with the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who have been chosen, those who have received an understanding that can’t be miss, yearned, or desired by others who have never known such a blessing.


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