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All That Noise!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

It is normal for us to be anxious and worried over most of the things in our lives. Often there is fear, and as we travel through life, it is our constant friend. We do not know what will happen from one moment to the next and this lack of knowledge, naturally… causes fear.

It is not the paralyzing kind of fear but the apprehensive kind, the kind that keeps us watchful, thoughtful, “on our toes”. It is the same with most human beings, for we all suffer the same malady.

“If I only knew this before.” Is a common expression we utilize almost daily, for we make mistakes on a daily basis. Thank God, most of the time we are able to work through our ignorance and move forwards.

This condition can sometimes grow, it can get worst, because our… “responsibilities” grow and get more complicated as we travel through life. In our modern days, we have seen how it has changed the lives of the young, where these people now prefer to stay home for longer periods of time. In past days, the young where eager to “get out of the house and see the world” but the world or we should say… life… has changed, it has gotten more… complicated.

There are a few reasons why life has gotten more complicated and why we now have more fears than in days past.

In days past, mankind had few fears, the crops weren’t growing, the harvest was poor, the work at the factory was tiring, we won’t have meat for dinner tonight.

In our days, it is the mind of mankind that is hard pressed, it is no longer physical work, it is now a mental challenge. The mind is now capable of great, complicated, thoughts, and it’s workload is a constant burden which does not find rest. The anxiousness, the worries, the fears are of such magnitude that sleep, rest, is now difficult. We now need pills in order to rest, or as some do, we indulge in drugs… for the mind requires… demands… cannot function properly unless it can… rest.

In the minds of mankind there is just too much… noise.

Many are those, in our modern days, that suffer from sickness of the mind. We can call them by different names, and make a multitude of excuses for this condition, but the truth is that there is just too much noise in the mind of people. Voices, thoughts, anxiousness, worries, fears, all and more, are simply maladies of a mind which has “removed the old landmarks, and entered into the fields of the fatherless.” (Proverbs 23:10)

There are in our days, many “beautiful minds” which have lost all sense of reality and become confused because of all the noise in their mind. It was the original sin of mankind, to seek knowledge. Now… knowledge itself is not wrong, or bad, but the mind of mankind is a gift, and the gift has a purpose.

The gift is a great gift, life is a great gift. The problem stems from the fact that there is a “first base and a second base and a third base,” but getting home is the ultimate purpose.

We “removed the old landmarks” when we traded away our gift for a “plate of lentils” and this is unforgiveable. It has led this generation into the "fields of the fatherless".


The Immutable Grace of God

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