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A Recipe for Disaster

When the people of Israel were freed from slavery, they came eventually to the land promised to their forefathers. It was a land inhabited by people who had built huge fortress to protected themselves from others. Conquest was a way of life in those times, and the mighty took what they wished. Righteousness was scarce.

The people of Israel began to fight for the land they were promised, to take by force what they had been promised. The Lord their God was with them and none could stand against them. Even great fortress-like cities like Jericho, who’s walls were said to be big enough that chariots could run on top of those walls, was unable to withstand the Israelites invasion.

In time, the kings of that land became terrified, knowing that eventually, it would be their turn to perish. They had an idea. They knew Israel was protected by a God, and they knew someone who was knowledgeable of a powerful God, his name was Balaam.

They agreed to suborn this man, a prophet, a man whose curse might bring down, the so far invincible Israelite army.

The kings sent Balaam presents, a good number of treasures, enough to bribe an otherwise incorruptible man of God.

Balaam was enthusiastic, and went into his home to speak with the God he knew. To inquire if this was something his God would permit him. God answered promptly, letting Balaam know that the people these kings wanted him to curse were protected by Him.

Balaam informed the emissaries with regret that… no, he could not curse these people.

But the kings were desperate, fearful and would not give up, so they sent an even greater amount of treasure, begging Balaam to come and curse their enemy.

The prophet knew well that once God has said something He does not regress, but the treasure was ssooo great. Balaam went to God once more. This time God had His own plans and told the prophet to go but… he would only speak what God said.

It is a long story and it can be read in the book of Num. 22, 23 and 24… so that we can go on with the more important part of the lesson this story has for us Christians.

Balaam tried repeatedly to please these kings, for the reward was great and Balaam had become lustful. Still, even when he was taken to different locations for this purpose, every time he opened his mouth, he could do nothing else but bless the people of Israel. Eventually, they gave up.

Nonetheless, Balaam revealed to these kings something he should not have revealed. Not because it wasn’t true, but because it was done with evil intentions. It is without any doubts the single reason why the people of Israel could not be cursed. And it is very important information for those who live upon this world.

It is the greatest advantage when we have the protection of God on our side, and if God is protecting us, we cannot be cursed, injured, or destroyed.

Balaam revealed to these kings why he could not curse the people of Israel, he told them that while the people of Israel were protected by God no one could harm them. Then he told these kings how they could “remove” this protection.

Contamination is what Balaam knew would remove the protection of God, because sin is a barrier for Him who can do the impossible. Contamination is like Kryptonite. It is the only thing that can keep God from us. From the people of Israel.

Balaam told the kings to contaminate Israel with their beliefs, with their woman, with their sinful lifestyle, with their “Idols”.

It is without any doubts what the enemy has done with the church of Jesus Christ in these later days.


In our days, the people of Israel, the church of Jesus Christ has been contaminated by this world’s sinful lifestyle, by the world’s idols, by their “woman”, by this world’s beliefs, and the same as the Israel of those times, it is being destroyed from the inside.


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