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A Consciousness

It has baffled the entire scientific community for as long as such entity has existed, and it is not really a wonder because when it was created, and it was created, the One who made this possible was way beyond anything we might understand. But let’s not debate theological knowledge or the lack of such, nor will we debate whether there is or there isn’t a God. At least not right away. Let’s debate the facts we are certain of…

1) What leaves very little doubt in any mind, is a fact which we live daily. In our world exists today so many different opinions, knowledge, beliefs, dogmas, and the list is very long. Many cultures, and each one has their own beliefs, ideas, dogmas, knowledge, etc. etc.

2) It is another fact that these are taught to their children from an early age and they have very little choice in the matter since it is their parents who are teaching. These teachings rule their lives and after growing up with such “ideas” it is almost impossible to change such beliefs. Many are those who have been killed for saying or teaching something which goes against the beliefs of another culture.

3) What we cannot argue is the fact that regardless of our differences in “ideas” we are all the same. We have two eyes, two arms, two legs and when we bleed, it is always the color red.

4) We cannot argue the fact that regardless of “ideas” we suffer from the same maladies, hunger, thirst, pain, and the list of our shortcomings is longer than the multitude of our “ideas”.

5) We cannot argue the fact that regardless of our “ideas” we all have to live in this world and that regardless of our best efforts, our bodies will one day… die.

6) We cannot argue, as a last statement, the fact that every man and woman upon this world has a… consciousness.

So, let’s examine this simple thing we call a mind, and maybe we can all agree on one more thing. It is a marvel of evolution? Well, let’s leave that one alone for now and go on to see into our… mind.

It is such a marvel that it can reason, meaning that it can access… somehow… our past experiences. Memories; according to those who have studied this, a long-term memory and a short-term memory, meaning it can remember things which happened to us recently and things which happened to us a long time ago. It can store knowledge, meaning things we have learned and are useful to us throughout our lives. It can receive the “input” of what our bodies see, hear, and feel, and incorporate these into what we think. It can also process what others tell us and decide whether we accept or refuse such words. Sometimes these words make us feel happy and sometimes they make us sad, so that according to some, we also possess emotional intelligence.

The mind can bring all of these together and arrive at a conclusion, meaning it can gather memories, knowledge and seeing, hearing, emotions or feeling and understand something, arrive at a conclusion.

It is impossible to argue the fact that regardless of our “ideas” we, all of the human species, possess the same mental abilities. More impressive yet, is the fact that even when we all possess the same mental abilities, we do not think the same. No two people think alike. Over seven billion people upon this world and everyone of them has a different view of himself.

All of this resides, is in that grey matter in our heads, what we commonly call a brain. Or so they tell us…

Now, what is really going to amaze you is the fact that because of this… brain, we are all aware of life. It is this consciousness which permits us this knowledge. The knowledge that we are alive; because we think, because we understand, because we are… aware.

So, what makes us aware of life? What makes us aware that we are alive? Even more important than any of this, will this marvelous consciousness cease to exist when this body dies?

We exist because He exists. We are alive because He is… alive. God is a God of consciousness; God is a God of… life.


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